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Sanctuary - Refuge Denied (1987)

Damn pity that Sanctuary got to release only two albums, cause they were amazing. I like Nevermore too, but you can tell the difference. "Refuge Denied" was the first studio album of Sanctuary released in 1987. The songs in "Refuge Denied" don't seem to have so much political and social lyrics, as the next (and last) album of Sanctuary "Into the Mirror Black", and Nevermore's albums. In "Refuge Denied" there is a kick-ass cover of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit". Loved the "Veil of Disguise".


Psychotic Waltz - Bleeding (1996)

Bleeding was the last studio album of the progressive metal band Psychotic Waltz, released in 1996. Although many progressive metal bands prefer more complex sound (Psychotic Waltz did so too in their previous releases: A social grace, Into the Everflow and Mosquito), Bleeding is a superb progressive metal work with simpler music. Great melodies and harder tunes join together in Bleeding with the harder tracks of the album being Morbid, Northern Lights and Skeleton.


Dark Tranquillity - Fiction (2007)

Dark Tranquillity's latest album, Fiction, released in 2007, is one of their best albums so far. The great melodic style of Dark Tranquillity once again did its job. Although Fiction's character is more or less the same with the previous albums of Dark Tranquillity, it has an originality and gives the listener a diffenent feeling. Still great music from the top melodic death metal band, who unlike In Flames and Soilword has remained faithful to their original Gothenburg sound.


Metallica - Death Magnetic (2008)

New album release: Metallica - Death Magnetic No doubt Metallica know good thrash - history has proven so, no doubt Metallica know what the public wants and how to keep it pleased, and this quite sums up what we have to say about Death Magnetic. With this album Metallica came closer to what they unsuccesfully tried to accieve with St Anger: a come-back to the thrash metal scene and a re-connection with their thrash audience.