Write about your favourite (or not) metal band

Metal Bands

Psychotic Waltz

The coolest progressive metal band ever! It's a pitty they released only four albums ( A Social Grace, Into the Everflow, Mosquito, Bleeding ) and had such a short career. The album I liked best is Bleeding, cause it's simpler than the others. We can still find some elements of Psychotic Waltz in Buddy Lackey's ( Devon Graves ) band, Deadsoul Tribe. Psychotic Waltz made a big difference in progressive metal music and even though the band broke up more than ten years ago and released just four albums, they are still among the top progressive metal bands.



Kreator is one of the best thrash metal groups ever. Love their experimentation with gothic metal when they released Outcast in 1997 and Endorama in 1999. Their pure thrash metal albums are fantastic. Can't wait to listen to the upcoming Hordes of Chaos and see Kreator live during their Chaos Over Europe Tour.


Dark Tranquillity

Dark Tranquillity is one of my favourite metal bands. They are Swedish and they play melodic death metal. During the 15 years of their existence they have released great albums. My favs: Projector (1999) and Fiction (2007). Love the music, vocals and the combination of very hard music with great melodies. Never seen them live though...