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Fates Warning in Athens & Thessaloniki (Salonica) Greece - 26 & 27 March 2010

Great news for the fans of Fates Warning in Greece. The pioneers Fates Warning are visiting Salonica on the 26th March 2010 and Athens on the 27th March 2010 for two unforgetable gigs. The band that inspired Dream Theater, Queensryche and other leading progressive metal bands, are visiting Greece with Jim Matheos and Ray Alder, but also with Frank Aresti, their first bass player Joe DiBiase and the legendary drummer Mark Zonder. This will be the first time the all four of them are playing together in 15 years.


Fates Warning - Parallels (deluxe edition) (2010)

The legendary progressive metal group Fates Warning are re - releasing their awesome album Parallels. Paralles was released in 1991 and still is one of the classic albums of progressive metal. The new edition of 2010, which is going to be released in March 2010, is a special edition and Fates Warning are supporting the new Parallels with gigs in Greece, Sweden and Germany.


Psychotic Waltz

The coolest progressive metal band ever! It's a pitty they released only four albums ( A Social Grace, Into the Everflow, Mosquito, Bleeding ) and had such a short career. The album I liked best is Bleeding, cause it's simpler than the others. We can still find some elements of Psychotic Waltz in Buddy Lackey's ( Devon Graves ) band, Deadsoul Tribe. Psychotic Waltz made a big difference in progressive metal music and even though the band broke up more than ten years ago and released just four albums, they are still among the top progressive metal bands.


Pain Of Salvation - Ending Themes On the Two Deaths of Pain of Salvation DVD (2009)

On the 27th February 2009 Pain of Salvation's new DVD called "Ending Themes On the Two Deaths of Pain of Salvation",  filmed during their Scarsick tour in Amsterdam (Netherlands). Pain of Salvation's Two Deaths will contain the 16 following tracks:


Queensryche - American Soldier (2009)

Queensryche have announced the release of their 12th studio album in May 2009. The new Queensryche's album will be called American Soldier and it will be another concept album by the leading progressive metal band. The subject of American Soldier will be war and more specifically American wars from World War II. Queensryche's songwriter and singer Geoff Tate talked with many war veterans before writing songs for American Soldier. A part of American Soldier will be presented by Queensryche live during their tour in 2009. More news about American Soldier are to follow.


Protest The Hero european tour 2009

Protest The Hero has announced a full European tour for 2009. 

They will travel all around Europe for a full month. Protest The Hero will start their tour in Karlsruhe, Germany on the 27th of februrary 2009 and end it in Helsinki, Finland on the 29th of March 2009. 

Protest The Hero will begin with 3 concerts in Germany (Karlsruhe, Kol and Hamburg) and continue with concerts in Belgium, UK, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.


Psychotic Waltz - Bleeding (1996)

Bleeding was the last studio album of the progressive metal band Psychotic Waltz, released in 1996. Although many progressive metal bands prefer more complex sound (Psychotic Waltz did so too in their previous releases: A social grace, Into the Everflow and Mosquito), Bleeding is a superb progressive metal work with simpler music. Great melodies and harder tunes join together in Bleeding with the harder tracks of the album being Morbid, Northern Lights and Skeleton.